QTrobot: AI robot enhances learning for children with autism

AI robot

A humanoid robot 

LuxAI, a Luxembourgian company, have developed an AI robot named QTrobot, pronounced ‘cutie robot’. The humanoid robot, which is expressive and engaging, is designed to assist with teaching autistic children new social, emotional and communication skills.

The robot shows facial expressions, gestures and body language; it also talks with children to deliver educational sessions and stimulus in a way that is more understandable for children with autism. QTrobot provides learners with a controlled environment to practice social and communication skills.

Research into learning with robots 

Researchers have found that, like most other children, those with autism love playing with robots. Because a robot is perceived as less intimidating than a human being, they appear to be more advantageous in helping children with autism. In addition, robots can deliver predictable responses over and over; this repetition and consistency are highly important to the way children with autism learn. 

Utilising robots to teach children with autism could be the solution to some of the barriers that face traditional therapy, such as high cost or limited availability. 

How does QTrobot work? 

QTrobot has two mobile arms and a big head with a large LCD screen that acts as the robot’s face. The learning robot can see, hear, and speak because of its RealSense 3D camera, a sensitive microphone, and powerful speakers. 

Weighing around 5kg, this two-foot-tall ‘cutie’ robot can convey a wide range of emotions with clear visual cues. This makes it easier for someone with autism to recognise. 

Unlike other robots, QTrobot can be easily programmed using a user-friendly app meaning therapists and teachers, regardless of their IT backgrounds, could easily control the robot to conduct sessions. The contents of each session can then be tailored to meet the individual educational needs of the child. 

Whether or not the QTrobot will make it over to the UK is unclear, but developments in learning with robotics are certainly building. 

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