Prototyping guide: SLS Dyeing

SLS dyeing service

What is SLS dyeing? 

Using technology from Munich-based specialists DyeMansion, we offer a consistent and repeatable SLS dyeing service. This end-to-end SLS finishing solution offers a high-quality finish with the option to have your SLS parts coloured to exact requirements 

Did you know…

Prototype Projects adopted the DyeMansion system in 2018 making them the UK’s first print-to-product provider. 

How does SLS dyeing work? 

Our automated cleaning, surfacing and colouring solution uses a combined three-step workflow that enables scaling from prototyping, or small series, to high-volume manufacturing. 

Our ‘print-to-product’ workflow 

Step 1: B6 Cleaning 

Our automated, damage-preventative part cleaning is highly efficient and reduces lead times. 

Step 2: S2 Surfacing 

Parts go through an automated proprietary blasting process. This creates dirt- and scratch-resistant surfaces, and improves the look, feel and colour quality of the part. 

Step 3: D5 Colouring 

Parts can then be dyed in an almost unlimited number of colour options using our automated colouring system. Colours are long-lasting and UV-stable. 

What colours are available as standard? 

Black is our standard colour and is run every day. Including Black, we stock 17 standard colours. 

Can SLS parts be dyed in RAL colours? 

Yes. An entire RAL classics palette has been developed for polyamide 12 (PA2200) parts produced by SLS. 

Our colouring system enables colourful parts by dyeing, not by painting or varnishing. This means the colour is abrasion- and scratch-resistant. Because of this, the colour impression and measured colour values are influenced by the quality of the part’s surface. 

What are the benefits of SLS dyeing? 

Our SLS dyeing system delivers consistent and repeatable dyeing of parts. This means that if you order, say, 100 parts in #11, they will all be the same orange. 

This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for SLS rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. 

Is it possible to dye existing SLS parts? 

Yes. As well as colouring parts we have made for you, we can also dye SLS parts that you have made yourself or had made elsewhere. Contact us to find out more about our contract colouring service and to ask about pricing. 

What dispatch options are available for SLS dyed parts? 

We offer three dispatch levels for SLS dyed parts: 

  • Standard: within 3 working days 
  • Economy: within 5 working days 
  • Super-Economy: within 10 working days 

For SLS parts which do not require colouring, we offer a next day dispatch service in addition to the dispatch levels above. Visit our Ordering page to find out more. 

Find out more about SLS dyeing

Visit our SLS dyeing page to find out more about SLS dyeing and how it can be used to enhance your next prototype project.

Can we help bring your project to life? 

Prototype Projects is a UK-based prototyping bureau delivering high quality prototype parts in fast turnaround times. Our next day dispatch service is available for SLA, SLS, FDM and PolyJet parts. We also offer a surface texturing service for SLA and SLS prototype parts.