Collection of personal data

Collection of personal data

Prototype Projects policy is to collect personal data which is necessary for agreed business purposes. Our customers should only share personal data that is needed for those purposes.

We need to process personal data to:

  • Provide quotations for our prototyping services to customers and prospective customers;
  • Provide our prototyping services to customers;
  • Carry out administrative processes (such as invoicing, order acknowledgements and despatch) which are necessary in the course of providing our services. These processes may involve collection of personal data of other staff (referred to as contacts);
  • Provide updates and information about our company and services which we think is necessary in the provision of our service operations.

Processing of personal data

Prototype Projects processes personal data of customers, prospective customers and contacts using a customer relationship management (CRM) system and of customers only on our accounting system. Personal data of customers, prospective customers and contacts may be visible to and used Prototype Projects employees and its appointed agents or contractors in order to interact with them.

Use of personal data

We use personal data for the following purposes:

Providing prototyping quotations

We provide a range of prototyping services, which must be quoted for prior to delivery. Where a customer (or a prospective customer) requests a quotation, we ask those customers or new contacts to provide the necessary information and to refer to our privacy statement as appropriate.

Providing prototyping services

Providing our services may require us to process additional personal data in order to deliver finished parts, invoices, service updates or additional advice.

Managing and administering our business and services

We process personal data in order to manage our business, including:

  • Managing the relationship with our customers
  • Evolving and improving our services (such as identifying new customer requirements or product opportunities);
  • Analysis of patterns and trends in our business to provide business intelligence in order to make informed decisions;
  • Maintaining and using our website and other IT systems;

Security controls

We have IT security measures in place to help protect business and customer data

Providing our customers, prospective customers and contacts with information about our company and services

We may use personal details to provide relevant information that we think will be of interest about Prototype Projects and our services. We may also provide customers, prospective customers and contacts with industry and technology updates, insights and news. We may also inform customers, prospective customers and contacts about other services offered by Prototype Projects that we think may be relevant to them in a professional capacity. In all cases where such information is provided, customers, prospective customers and contacts have the right to request that Prototype Projects does not send such information.

Data retention

We retain personal data for as long as is required to perform the activities described above. For clarity we define:

  • a customer as “invoiced within a 5-year period”
  • a prospective customer as “quoted within a 5-year period but who has not been invoiced in that time
  • a contact as:
    • another individual at a company that is either a customer or prospective customer;
    • an individual at a partner organisation;
    • an individual at a supplier.

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