Case study: 42 Technology


42 Technology is a Cambridge-based engineering, technology and product development company.

With clients across a broad range of industry sectors and geographies, 42 Technology helps companies progress from the early stages of product and technology design and development through product feasibility to setting up new product manufacturing processes.

Working with external partners is an important aspect of 42 Technology’s business.  The company puts great emphasis on ensuring that it has the right expertise within its partner network to complement its own internal capabilities. It also ensures that those partners are capable of delivering the level of expertise, commitment and quality that 42 Technology’s clients expect.

Relationship with Prototype Projects

Dr Jon Spratley leads the Industrial Sector at 42 Technology and works on a wide range of complex, multi-disciplinary product and engineering development projects.

It was shortly after arriving at 42 Technology in 2008 that he asked his colleagues for a recommended prototype supplier. As a number of staff had already been using Prototype Projects for some years, he decided to go with recommendations and contacted them for a quote on an early stage SLA part.

The need for speed – and reliability

Spratley’s immediate need was for a 3D printed part, but longer term he needed to find a reliable prototyping company that he could rely on to deliver parts quickly and consistently deliver, including next day if needed for a critically important project.

With engineering projects lasting for anything from 3 months to 3 years, his preference was to find a prototyping partner with the capacity to understand client prototyping requirements, and that could deliver quickly and reliably at the right quality.

With that first SLA prototype part order began a 7 year relationship with Prototype Projects.

The confidence factor

Most 42 Technology projects run to critical and precise timescales.

Whether the prototype parts are needed for early stage concepts, to support early manufacturing feasibility studies or for testing of part properties and functions, the keys to successful relationships with suppliers are consistency and reliability.

With consistency and reliability come confidence and trust. It is these qualities that, according to Jon Spratley, Prototype Projects have demonstrated again and again over the years, with an ability to turn parts around quickly whilst maintaining the required levels of quality.

Speaking of his relationship with Prototype Projects, Jon Spratley, a Director of 42 Technology says:

“Our engineers are free to select their own prototyping partner – but as far as I am concerned my first port of call is always Prototype Projects. I don’t recall them saying ‘we can’t do it’ even for parts that are needed in aggressive timescales. I trust that whenever I need a part in a specific quality or timeframe, Prototype Projects will deliver on their promises.”

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